Our Concept

Cycling Copenhagen is passionate about Copenhagen – the City of Cyclists. Join us on a bike ride through the town and celebrate Danish bicycles, design and Copenhagen. At Cycling Copenhagen we love our city and we’d love for you to experience it the way the locals do – on a bike.

The best way to experience Copenhagen is on a bicycle and that’s exactly what we offer, because Copenhagen is all about bicycles… It’s as simple as that. Join one of our guides tours and experience the Danish way of life, on a bike in a wonderful city.

Make Cycling Copenhagen the first stop on your business trip or vacation and we’ll make sure to give you lots of ideas of how to experience the city the way the locals do. We are madly in love with the bike, design and of course Copenhagen.

Whether you’re looking for the best cocktail in town, the place to shop for clothes from the up and coming Danish designers, or the less touristy modern art shows, we’ll give you our best suggestions of where to go – while biking in the City of Cyclists.