Cycling Copenhagen was founded in 2013 by Christian Hougaard, a bike enthusiast and a passionate Copenhagener.


After working 9 years with marketing and publishing in the UK, Sweden and Denmark, Christian exchanged his smartphone and laptop for opening an online shop with handcrafted bicycles from Copenhagen. The idea to Cycling Copenhagen originated from a successful guided tour that Christian arranged for friends and family in September 2012, where he presented the local bicycle culture through a ride in the city’s street. The combination of cycling, sightseeing and local knowledge was sensational and it is this combination which is at the heart of Cycling Copenhagen.

The best experiences when visiting a new city, typically comes on recommendations from locals, which is why all the guides are local Copenhageners and of course experienced cyclist. Having travelled extensively on business, Christian knows all to well the feeling of only seeing airports, hotels and meeting rooms, when visiting a new city, and has set out to change this by offering “Business Tours” specifically designed for business travellers.

Cycling Copenhagen is also a supplier of customised tours under a range of themes to corporate events, conferences and congresses.