The Water Front TOUR

Along the Harbour Circle you’ll find landmark architecture, rickety houseboats, harbour baths and waterside living. It’s an area of great contrast, allowing you to explore everything that makes Copenhagen such a liveable city.

Price: DKK 399 / person | Time: 150 minutes
Route: 12 km | Meeting Point: Westend 4, 1661 Cph V


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This tour lets you experience a port city in dynamic development – a unique waterside adventure in the heart of the city. The route stretches along both sides of the harbour from Nyhavn in the north to Sluseløbet in the south and is interconnected by five bridges for cyclists and pedestrians: Inderhavnsbroen, Cirkelbroen, Bryggebroen, Belvederebroen and Slusen.  

The Water Front Tour brings you through many unique areas, on a route which totals 13 km.

Cycling Copenhagen keeps the tours very informal and rides only in smaller groups, so there is plenty of time to ask questions about the sights, places or people that we pass, or any other questions that may pop up. The tour starts in the café a our meeting point with a small introduction to our bicycles and a brief introduction to the many unwritten rules of the bike lane. Don’t worry, Danes are friendly and used to a lot of new cyclists in the streets.

Highlights – Cykelslangen, The Black Diamant, Nyhavn, Christianshavn, Havnebadet, Sluseholmen, Bryggebroen and the rest of the sights on the Harbour Circle.